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released April 30, 2013

Réalisé / Produced by: Matt Track & Christian-Adam Gilbert
Prise de son & mix / Sound engineer/mix: Christian-Adam Gilbert
Mastering: Silent Masters
Vocals: Matt Track
Guitare acoustique/Acoustic guitar: Matt Track
Basse, synth/Bass, synth: Jérémi Roy
Batterie, percussions/Drums: Françis Gaulin
Participation spéciale/Electric guitar features: Guillaume Monette & Dan Baillargeon



all rights reserved


Matt Track Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Change

Change is all you know
Change is all you seek for
Everywhere around your belly button hole
I’m not trying to pretend
You’re being wrong or anything
All I know is you’ve missed out on a great deal of great things
By not being able to bare
The smell of long-term relationships
Track Name: No

She sees the clock and throws her head back
The burning shot down her throat seals the night
She thinks she’s fine
Tipsy but fine
She puts her jacket on and heads outside
She hates to wait for a cab so she will drive
Only this time
Only this time

She won’t get pulled over if she takes it slow
She knows all the backstreets on the way home
But there’s something in the back of her mind that just says no

When she inserted the key into the door
She heard a siren tear the background noise
Her blood ran cold
It could be a sign
How come was it such a big deal?
She just needed the car in the morning
Deep inside
She knew it’s not right

No one really knows if she drove or not
But the word on the street is the key was still in the lock
And she’s been standing there on the sidewalk for fifteen years

And by fear of getting tangled up inside
Before hesitation gets me paralyzed
I just listen to the voice in the back of my mind when it just says no
Track Name: Cold Country

Fifty rays of warm joy hit the ground
And everybody wore a smile in town
October came in as swift as a spy
And summer left without saying goodbye
Then all of a sudden fall gave us a chance
As if begging for forgiveness for showing up in advance
And if you came from a cold cold country you'd know how it feels
Because when you come from a cold cold country…
Yeah you come from a cold cold country…

Fifty rays of warm joy punched me in the face
And I’ll tell you that I gladly took the hit
I was knocked unconscious at nearby a lake
Then I woke up on the grass in a crowded place
There was a collective thought in everybody’s head:
‘I’m happy it’s a beautiful day!
Soon it’s gonna get cold; soon it’s gonna get bad
But now there’s magic in the air, I’m gonna give my stressed out mind a break
When we’re on the verge of losing something
In a last hope effort we try to take it all in
Winter weights like a thousand pounds to us
That’s why we enjoy sunny days so much
And if you came from a cold cold country you'd know what I mean
Because when you come from a cold cold country you know how it feels
Track Name: Boxes

I am moving out
Into some other place
I don’t know where I’m bound
I don’t know where it is
My boxes on the floor
Wide open empty cases
I think it’s safe to say
That I don’t feel like it
And it’s all because of you
I spent too much time
Questioning the ‘why’ and the ‘when’
This place was no longer fine
It's now I realise that
It was all because of you
There used to be a light that shone
It brightened each and every day
But now half of its soul is gone
And now I can’t see clear

And it’s all because of you
Track Name: Good Start

My mind’s been on a race these days
Can’t catch it up because it’s gotten too far ahead
I know the hundred miles that tear us apart
No one can choose the path that takes one’s heart
And it would have been easier to
have a crush on the girl next door it’s true
But she’s not you
If we know chances are next week it could rain
Should we start right now covering our head
Are we meant to anticipate tomorrow’s pain
And see the blue skies of today in shades of grey
We had a good good start
We’ll figure something out
I don’t know exactly how we’ll do this
But something tells me that we’re worth it
Let’s take it day by day
Let’s just give fate a chance
Track Name: Concert

In the silence of an empty room
Memories of the previous night gloom.
Already knowing that the gig failed
It’s about to start
I sit down on a tiny bench
And I take out my working tool
Once I've made sure every string is tuned
The music begins
And the words fly out of my mouth, and swiftly back to me
I’d already be famous if the walls had ears
But I thrive in keeping my focus as I give the best of me
I live up to the challenge in bitter-sweet relief

It’s a concert for no one

And I need to keep my eyes shut
Because I’m just being a jukebox
No need for fancy moves on the stage
Nobody stares
Then it started affecting me
Because what I play is who I am
But my shell had grown weak
And doubt sneaked in as I sang
Who was I amongst the thousands all trying to survive
All trying to turn a passion into a way to live their life
That’s when a wall cracked open and started talking to me
It said you shouldn’t bring yourself down cuz yes we DO have ears
And other walls from other venues have been talking about you
And I’ve been all excited ‘bout tonight to listen to your tunes
So I think that I deserve to get the best of you
Just like every night you’ll play no matter who sits in the room

There ain’t no concert for no one
Track Name: Home

I made myself at home
In your arms
I made myself at home
And I don’t want to move
Track Name: Flight 975
When the fourth engine broke down
And the plane shot straight toward the ground
Through the screams and the shouts
The captain thought of his wife
He said I’m really sorry dear
For everything that went wrong
For focusing on my career
For not putting in anything
To try to make it work at home

When the left wing tore apart
And the craft started spinning like a dart
An old lady thought of her man
She closed her eyes and said
I’m really sorry I
Cheated on you since we met
I’ve never been able to tell
So I’ve been living my whole life
Feeling guilty as hell

When the plane hit the ground
In a bright flash and terrible sound
There was, released in the air,
A fume grey with regrets
And the stars above could hear
All the thoughts of the dead breaking free
And their whispers were so sad
That every star shed a tear
Bright dots shooting in the dark
For those alive to make a wish
So they could change the years to come
So they could put first on their list
Taking care of their loved ones

Take care of your loved ones
Track Name: Johnny

On a cold dark Friday night
Johnny walked into a tiny bar
Pretty women in sight
His warm Bourbon on the rocks
Then a girl sat down and gave him a wink
He judged it fair to buy her a drink
They started chit-chattin’
For sure he didn’t know she wasn’t doing it for nothing
She abused and it was quite clear
But she told him what he wanted to hear
And he paid all night long, gave her a ride home
And she kissed him to seal the deal
It’s not a file she had to work for
Because she knew that he’d be back for more
And she’d take from the man
Everything she can then crush his heart with one hand

She’s a sad sad part-time lover
She’s a cold shameless heart breaker
And it’ll get back to her: it’s meant to be

She shut the door closed and took off her boots
Thinking of a story that would sound true
Made sure in the bathroom everything was cool
Carefully washing off the smell of man's perfume
She walked up the stairs into the dark
Under the bedroom door she saw a light
Her husband awake she’d have to play it smart
A little cheeky surprise would chase any doubt
But her heart stopped as she opened the door
Another woman’s clothes were lying on the floor
She saw her man freeze on top of someone
Having sex in a position they had never done
She felt so stupid watching the scene
All at once everything became clear
For years she thought she controlled the game with her lover
But he was just as bad so she got what she deserved

She’s a sad sad part-time lover
She’s a cold shameless heartbreaker
And it got back to her: it was meant to be
Track Name: Snooze

Awoken out of deep sleep by ringing bells
A hammering noise pounding my head
I search my bed for a guilty howling tool
And when I finally find my phone I hit snooze
I treat myself with 5 more minutes in my bed
And when it’s over and it rings I snooze again
I feel like I just can’t stop extending the bliss
Outside the boundaries of my mattress
Nothing exists
And that’s why I’m late: because I snooze too much
And every day is the same and I miss the bus
Because Instead I jump on the train that takes me to Slumber Land.
Track Name: Bird

A tiny bird with a broken wing
To mend it I’d do anything
I’d even break one of mine
I actually think I have from time to time
It was like a pearl, I wanted to be its shell
With every feather fixed, I fixed myself
But there remained an uncertainty
Would the bird ever jump off the tree?

Tell me now
Do you think it could work somehow
Because it itches inside not to know

Then time flew by, we built a nest
I like it a lot, I must confess
I crave its feel, I love its soul
It’s such a rush so I kept on building
Once I told the bird: ‘Just take a swing
The wind is strong, as now are your wings
I’ll fly just here, stationary
Hoping my wings won’t give up on me